Statement: Barbara Smith “Black Feminism: A Movement of Our Own” (1985)

Excerpt from Barbara Smith’s speech —

“…most of the thinking of conscious Black women
today cones from the people who
raised us. Those are the roots of Black
feminism. I want t o tal k about why we need
Black feminism, what kinds of organizing we
have done, what we are doing now, and what I
see us doing i n the future. Our politics ,
our committments, our energy are passed on
from the people i n our families and i n our
past. I think thi s i s differen t i n sane
cases fo r people of color , than for people
who are not. I f you are white and have
class privelege, then i f you want to do
righ t you have t o rebel. But as a person of
color , as a lesbian, that’s not necessary
f o r me; I don’t have t o rebel against the
people who raised me i n order to do

From the IWDC International Women’s Day Committee newsletter (1985) 

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Interview: Barbara Smith on Being a Black Lesbian Feminist Activist (1984)

Parkerson, Michelle, Barbara Smith, Gloria T. Hull, Patricia Bell Scott, Minnie Bruce Pratt, Elly Bulkin, Tania, Sandina, and Jan. “Interview: Some Place That’s Our Own: An Interview with Barbara Smith.” Off Our Backs 14, no. 4 (1984): 10-26.

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